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Become a global citizen!

We bring the world to you from A to Z through our global connections, talent and skills development.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Making a difference, working in a world of differences starting with you.


We help you improve your foreign language for study, business or travel purposes. English, French , Spanish.. you name it we do it.

International Business

Executive coaching for leadership and doing business globally & virtually.

Global relocation

If you are considering living abroad we will guide you every step of the day for a successful relocation.

Culture & Me

Identify, develop, and strengthen your cultural identity.

Cross-cultural training

We help you adapt to study, work and even play abroad.

Get connected worldwide.

Develop your global mindset to navigate an ever changing world.

Cultural identity. Who am I?
At an early age I lived in a very diverse community in Paris France and moved globally first in the Americas via the Caribbean where I embraced culture shock as a learning curve that raised my curiosity about culture differences and especially the values that either limited or thrust its people. As an international student in US I strengthened my cultural identity, understood the perception people had about me and how important intercultural communication is to build relationship, trust and community. This led to my desire to help young people around the world to study abroad and give them the proper guidance for success. The same steps were soon applied to how I manage my team, peers and clientele in a global market powered by the travel industry where needs and services are impacted my culture. Now I train and coach individuals and teams of difference background, race, national origins and social economics status to work globally successfully with a global mindset but local touch. Creating life skills and cross-cultural skills in life and career transitions.
Why do I need cultural competence development training?
Having a positive experience studying, working or living abroad sometimes depends on how you prepare yourself to manage the cultural shocks you may face.
What are the benefit of one-on-one coaching?
Even if there are general competences and skills for multicultural programs, each person and situation need personalization. Self-awareness is where we start so you can grow within your new environment and thrive in line with your goals and needs.

Get connected to the world

Global citizens who love us

Patricia helped me to achieve my goal which was to increased fluency and better understanding of the American culture and communication style by providing me with excellent English coaching sessions.
Nam Nguyen2
Nam Nguyen
My son and I had the most amazing experience with Patricia who prepared us for life in our new environment. The support we received enabled a smooth transition and integration into a new country. Her knowledge has lead to success in my personal and professional life in Trinidad & Tobago.
Donna Walters 2
Donna Walters
Instead of a traditional presentation, Patricia asked me lots of great questions that inspired me to think deeply. I am grateful for all the inspirations she gave me. Appreciated a lot!
Ancea Yuan
Ancea Yuan
I felt comfortable being open with Patricia, which greatly increased the benefits I received from the coaching. I would rank Patricia in the top 15% of her profession.
Leah Wyman
Leah Wyman
We've got the opportunity to personally reflect the transition, understand the work and context in Jamaica and felt energized and all set to have a solid plan of action by the end of training. Patricia focused on each of us in a very inclusive way.
Gertraud Erreger
Gertraud Eregger
The program was crucial to understand the country. Now, I am working at Shell and thanks to Patricia's guidance I know how and am still growing n my intercultural competence to develop business for the global energy market.
Nour Salem
Nour Salem

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