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"Be the change you wish to see in the world: Explore, learn, Lead”
Patricia Malidor Coleman
Founder /President
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Once that I understood my own culture I wanted people to know theirs.

Perception is reality! It may be true for one individual’s interpretation yet not reality for the other.

« We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are! » Anaïs Nin

At AZ World Connections we connect you to the world starting with defining your own culture values and beliefs to successfully bridge all cultural differences you will face.

It is never easy to start from scratch in a new country, an unknown culture or language, but we will assist you before, during and after your transition process.

One important value of AZ World Connections is our history. We know how it feels and what it takes to face change of culture and this is exactly what makes us special, because we put ourselves in all our customers shoes and WE WALK THE TALK!

We seek to gain your trust, success, peace and happiness.

Feel safe accross cultures.

How We Can Help You

International Education

Wishing to study abroad? Academic or executive English. Certifications and diplomas. Let us help you from A to Z.

Global Career & Relocation

We will assist you in every step: leaving your home, living abroad, moving with kids and expat training.

Travel & Hospitality

Incentive travel, team building and professional retreats with local cultural experience. Frontline training for excellence of service in a multicultural world.

Culture & Me

We work with intercultural individuals, couples, and families to gain awareness of and optimize their cultural identities.

We will help you from A to Z to get connected to the world.

Your life abroad is going to be more than what your dreamt of, it will become a reality.

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